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Oil theft and leaks

We deal with one of the most difficult and complex problem "oil theft and leaks".

As is well known oil theft from pipelines is a huge phenomenon anywhere in the world which oil companies find it difficult to deal with. The phenomenon particularly painful in Africa and especially in Nigeria.


Our company has developed an advanced innovative methods and techniques and has the ability to provide to customers sensitive information in real time. That involves the construction of an information network based on the local population which provides information in real time.


We are a team of experts veterans of the Israeli security services who have decades of experience and knowledge operating in such a way.

The team possesses extensive knowledge and experience in dynamic, changing environments and extreme situations. Hence the ability to deal with the phenomenon of oil theft.


Theft and oil spills pollute the environment severely, death of fish, destroying crops and aquacultures through contamination of the groundwater and soils, severely damaging the country's economy and populations quality of life.


Therefore there is a great need to face the phenomenon by all those who can do so in order to help the population which is suffering a lot. All this gives us extra motivation to do the job.




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